Is This the Ultimate Bug Out Bag? Check Out What it Includes That Makes it Incredible

ultimate bug out bag

Most Preppers Are Always Striving For That Perfect Bug Out Bag. But What Makes It The Ultimate Bag? Here's What You Should Include Based On Where You Live And What Type Of Situations You May Encounter:

We see a lot of ‘ultimate' bug out bags. It's a common theme with preppers because everyone wants to be responsible for designing the best possible bag that will cover every possible need that could arrive.

Having the ‘ultimate' bug out bag is a bit of an oxymoron because one of the most important things to consider in a bug out bag is weight and comfort, both of which are compromised if you have equipment for every possible scenario.

Having said that, the ultimate bug out bag will be different for each person because it is highly dependent on what scenarios you will most commonly encounter in your bug out event. The reason it's so important to study regularly the bug out bags of other individuals. Studying other's bug out bags will help you get ideas for your own bags, and in doing so you'll be able to assess what may and may not work for your situation.

So what can you glean from this latest installment? Let's find out after the break…

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  1. Ken Alsup said:

    It wouldn’t give me a link to the books he carried. Please pass that on if possible. Thanks

  2. Dave Deerwester said:

    Would be cool to see “the ultimate”….
    But alas, nothing but clickbait and a dead link

  3. Karl Lee said:

    I don’t necessarily have a bug out bag, but I do have my edc bag. I have it packed in a small blue and grey backpack. It contains: first aid kit with battle dressings, and more mundane things like eye drops and band-aids along with a weeks supply of my medications and a lighter, a multi tool, small flashlight and extra batteries, a wind up flashlight, a waterproof pack jacket, leaser gloves, waterproof paper and writing tools, two spare magazines for my pistol, and a USB battery for my phone. On me I have: two knives, a flashlight, chap-stick, Glock 19, weather appropriate clothing and shoes, cell phone.

    Not really a lot of stuff but it would handle 99% of anything I needed it if I knew things were falling apart I would put together a different kit.