In Just 4 Steps, Anyone Can Make a Mud Cast in an Emergency. Here’s How:


Unless you are a trained paramedic, one of your greatest fears if SHTF is likely the question of what you'll do if anyone in your survival party suffers a debilitating injury. For most of us, the question is not IF this will happen, but WHEN.

When SHTF, there are any number of incidents which can occur to cause you pain and injury; you could fall off a ladder, slip when gathering wood, or, heaven forbid, you could take a spill when hunting miles from home.

Back in the days of our stone tool ancestors, a broken bone likely meant an untimely death. Without the knowledge of how to fix it, a broken bone can lead to infection or it can make you unable to gather food or defend yourself. Best case scenario, the bone would heal in an off pattern way, weakening that limb for life.

These days, we know how to support broken bones with a cast. But in a SHTF scenario could you find the tools to make a cast?

If you have access to clay-rich mud, then absolutely. Find out how on the next page. 

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  1. Thomas Whitten said:

    I don’t think caking an injury with bacteria laden mud is a such a good idea. Think I’ll try something else.