How to Use an Acorn to Make a Loud Survival Whistle

acorn whistle

One of the most effective ways to attract attention is to use a whistle.

It is so effective, that women are encouraged to have a whistle as part of their arsenal against attack, along with other defensive tools.

A well-placed whistle can literally be heard for miles depending on your environment and if you have the right whistle, it can be heard above most environmental factors.

They are so effective law enforcement and the military use them for defensive and safety purposes.

The same principle applies to a survival situation – whistles are one of the easiest ways to draw attention to yourself.

If you are lost in the woods without a whistle, though, you do have options.

On the next page, we outline how to use an acorn cap as an impromptu whistle!

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  1. Richard Dodd said:

    I’ve been showing people how to that for 40yrs.I learned how to,as a kid,the old fashioned way…playing outdoors.Lol