How To Treat Dangerous Spider Bites In 3 Steps

Making it through a survival situation is tough enough, but adding to all the things you must be careful of are bites from venomous spiders.

Actually, any spider bite is really rare, but they can and do happen, usually, however, because people are unaware of their presence and not paying attention.

The US has three types of poisonous spiders: the Brown Recluse, Hobo and Black Widow. Recluses are found in the southern two-thirds of the country. Hobos live out west. The Black Widow is rare, but has been found in every state but Alaska.

While the chances of a bite are very rare, you do have to be careful. Recluse spiders like dark corners, boxes and bookshelves. Hobos like dark, warm spaces, but mostly stay outside. Black Widows usually like dark, dry spaces, usually within three feet of the ground.

The best approach is to be careful, but if you do get bit, the next page will show you what you should do.


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  1. Tyler Grenville said:

    ALL spiders are venomous. There are varying degrees of intensity with the venom, and obviously some of them don’t have fangs long enough to cause any damage to humans..

  2. Kelly S. Siner said:

    Widows are rare? Hahaha! I could point out at least a dozen that live on the outside of my house and three in my garage.

  3. James Shepherd said:

    Brown recluse bites need to be lanced and the venom removed, long stringy 2x, thing to stop from spreading and getting worse