How to Survive a Plane Crash. Here Are 6 Steps That Could Save Lives.

plane crash brace position

Statistically, you have a better chance of getting shot in a robbery than you do of being in a plane crash.

In fact, flying is one of the safest methods of transportation imaginable. If you doubt that, stop and think about how many fatal car crashes you see on the news versus how infrequently you hear about a plane crash.

But what if you are in a plane crash and are lucky enough to survive it? According to the National Transportation Safety Board, your chances in most crashes of survival is actually pretty high – you just hear about the big, fatal crashes more often than you hear about smaller mishaps.

Nonetheless, there are some things you can do to ensure if you are in a plane crash, you make it through in one piece.

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  1. Willy Wold said:

    That’s why military flies facing the back, but “civilians” wouldn’t stand to face the rear

  2. Marc Black said:

    Airplain companies have a saying that they do not let people know, “BETTER THEY DIE THAN WE KEEP PAYING OUT FOR LIFE”.. All of these so called “THIS WILL HELP SAVE YOU”, bull$#%&[email protected]*possitions are ment to kill you fast… Ever rambed your head against a wall fast enough, how did that feel, ever ran into a wall face first??? The only thing going to save you is a great pilot like the one who ditched in the Hudson River, look at the one in Europe last week that ran out of feul and crashed, If its going to happen, kiss your$#%&[email protected]*goodbye.

  3. Mike Breen said:

    Don’t worry about where the exits are. When that plane hits the side of the mountain at 535mph there will be exits everywhere.

  4. Ed Cody said:

    I have been sceptical of the first position as it would be like a 600 mph headbut into the seat & instant neck break

  5. Roy Gokenbach said:

    How about a friggin’ parachute? One for the plane, one for each passenger.

  6. Pancu Silviu said:

    Everything is better now and sfer but planes are same as 20 years ago… why are they allowed to build them the same way as 20 years ago? not
    with ships or WHY??????