How to Successfully Navigate Without Using a GPS Devise

navigation with a watch and without a compass

If you find yourself lost during a SHTF situations, here are some easy ways to navigate that don't require a GPS device!

When a disruptive event occurs, the power may be out for several weeks or months and you may have no choice but to leave you home and venture elsewhere. If you and your family have your bug out gear, this should be no problem.

However, what happens if you get separated from your group and find yourself wandering around? In a situation like this, a GPS might not be available if it hasn't been charged in a while. Don't panic. There are other ways to get yourself out of this sticky situation.

If your compass is broken or if you happened to lose it along the way, there are still some simple methods to navigate that every prepper should know. This skill will not only help you find your way back to where you need to be but it just might save your life!

To learn how to navigate successfully when you don't have your GPS device, check out the next page where you'll learn the best steps to take. 

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  1. D.L. Bryson said:

    Why the hell would a survivalist not have a compass? Average person yeah but not a Survivalist

  2. Matt Williams said:

    The pic has it backwards, during the main hrs of the day (anything after 6am and before 6pm) it would be opposite. The N in the picture would towards the south, and north would be on the line in the bottom of the picture.

  3. Matt Williams said:

    The only way that picture would be correct is at four in the morning, but the sun is rarely visible at that time

  4. Matt Williams said:

    Die Hard Survivor this is misleading and could get people lost. The N in the picture is actually the south

  5. Randy Beeson said:

    Line up the moons points and follow it to the horizon and that will be south. Even a partial waning moon can be bisected top to bottom and followed down to the southern horizon. Moss grows on the north side of trees most often as well.