How to Silently Hunt After a Collapse


A grim reality of a long-term survival scenario is the need to secure food and the only realistic way of doing that if all infrastructure has collapsed is through hunting.

While hunting silently is always preferable, in a survival situation, where desperate folks might be looking to “poach” a meal, silence is paramount.

Not only will it be necessary in order to quarry what will more than likely be very spooked prey (you would be spooked too with half the countryside looking to kill you for dinner), it also will be necessary to ensure that prime locations remain a secret.

The good thing is that you do have a lot of alternatives, including silent methods of hunting like trapping an animal as well as “more silent” methods like slingshots and air rifles.

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  1. David Trevillian said:

    That’s why I have a bow and crossbow. One can be made into a trap or 2 people can hunt silently.

  2. Robert Dudley said:

    A bow is the absolute best for hunting. A crossbow, perhaps for ambush and OP watch.