How to Prepare Salt Pork for a Survival Situation

salting pork

Salt pork is one of those foods you learned about back in history class. Soldiers from both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars were always heard to be chewing on a piece of cooked, salt-pork. And stories taking place during any of those eras had families running to the “ice house” to pull out a slab of salted pork out for the evening meal.

Keeping salted port in the “ice house” was done for preservation purposes. A piece of pork could last for weeks and sometimes months if it salted well enough and was stored in the proper manner.

While these days we can buy salted port in the store, if we wish, the true art of salting pork has pretty much gone out of style.

However, for survival purposes, it may be important to go back to the old fashion ways and see if you are up to the task to prepare salted pork.

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