How to Make a Two-Pronged Hunting Spear That’s Ideal for That Pivotal SHTF Moment


Regardless of the survival situation you find yourself in, you have to eat.

For most of us, that means securing some sort of meat source and if you do not have the right equipment or if the noise of a firearm is not advisable, some alternative is critical!

There are many different options – bow and arrow, a knife – but each requires either special equipment or special circumstances to work.

For example, a bow and arrow requires you possess a bow and arrow and you cannot use it very effectively in close quarters. To use a knife, you have to be in close quarters, or an expert knife thrower.

One option that combines all three is to make your own spear, although, a single prong spear is limited in its effectiveness.

On the next page, we show you one way to make an amazingly simple, but very effective spear for protection and hunting.

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