(Video) How to Make a Survival Stove from a Coke Can!

alcohol stove can


Eating food is a necessity to making it through a survival situation; that seems obvious but it is amazing how many people are unprepared to cook their food when disaster strikes or survival situation rears its ugly head!

Cooking most food, especially in a survival situation, however, is critical!

It helps kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses that can make you very ill and even kill you – especially given that most people's immune systems will be under assault because of the stress associated with survival incidents!

Finding or creating a method to cook food in a survival situation, however, can be a challenge, especially if you want to be low-key about it.

Luckily, if you can find an aluminum soda can and some fuel, you have all you need to make a portable stove you can cook for yourself.

The video on the next page shows you how.

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  1. Valentín Calvo Acevedo said:

    i’ve been using one of those for some time and i must say it wrks awsome. Anywy, it’s a good thing to point that you should use it inside a container, fill som of the same container with the same alcohol, the brun the outside. This will heat the alcohol inside the stove and stimulate the vapors, getting a much faster and controlled burn – but it may be a bit dangerous. also, you may find some trouble because of the short burning times, it’s usefull to have a syringe or something to feed the stove when it runs out of fuel – but never while it’s still running!

  2. Jamie Alexander Deak said:

    Please know better than to cook food directly over burning aluminum, use a pan or even a dam flat rock but don’t cook mit ate directly over aluminum