How to Make a PVC Log Carrier That’ll Make Transporting Firewood a Cinch!

log carrier

One key to making the most (or the best) of a survival situation is to equip yourself with tools that make it easier to get through. This is one such project.

It is simple, easy and quick to make and just about anyone can do it. The end product is a very easy to use this method of hauling firewood.

Using this tool makes it much easier on your back and shoulders (if you have hauled in a lot of wood you know what I mean.)

And, if you use two, one in each hand, it makes it possible to haul in more firewood than just a single armful. Using the “two-hand method,” you will be able to bring in about a day's worth of firewood in about five loads.

On the next page, we map out each step to make this amazingly simple but effective way to haul firewood.

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