How to Make a Primitive Gig for Hunting Small Game


When you get out into the wilderness, you will be quickly overcome by one painful fact: there are no McDonald's in the middle of the forest.

This can get a bit tricky when you've skipped a few meals and are now wrestling with a roaring stomach while trying to concentrate on getting yourself and your traveling companions out of the situation alive.

Of course, one obvious solution would be to make sure you pack in more than enough food to get you through your adventure. However, if you get lost, and the experience rolls downhill into a survival situation, you may run out of food long before you get out of the woods.

So, how to feed yourself? While you could dig up worms and grubs, the truth of the matter is that they really aren't that appetizing.

You'd be far happier chowing down on some fire-roasted fish, which is why we've posted one of the most successful ways of capturing them: the split tip gig. Check it out on the next page.

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