How to Improvise to Filter Water in a Survival Situation

filter water

After three days with no water, almost everyone becomes severely dehydrated and approaches the awful process of dying of thirst.

As you dehydrate, your cells shed liquid into your bloodstream and as the cells shrink, organs do as well; this is particularly a threat as it pertains to the brain, which can shrink so much blood that vessels become stressed and rupture.

In many cases, vital organs like kidneys shut down, which prevents the body from shedding contaminants – slowly poisoning a person with each passing hour.

Water is vital to survival and in a survival situation, you have to do whatever is necessary to give your body fluids as often as possible.

One way of doing that is to make your own water filter (not purifier) so that you can utilize almost any body of fresh water to nourish your body.

In the video on the next page, we show you one method of doing so.

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