How to Hunt in a City When SHTF


While commuting to a job in Washington, DC back in the mid 1990's, I was once stuck in a traffic jam for over an hour as wildlife officials cornered an errant deer that had run across the National Mall and down the middle of Constitution Avenue.

As I listened to a play-by-play on the radio, I wondered, what other “wild” food sources were around us?

From that moment on, I tried to be observant of how much wildlife existed in the city and what I found shocked me.

I saw literally dozens of types of wildlife – in the Potomac River and Rock Creek Park, out at the national Arboretum and even in my backyard and alley behind my home.

The point is that even in our most populous urban centers, there is plenty wildlife for the taking in a survival situation – if you know where to look.

We discuss where to look, how to do it and what to look for on the next page.

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  1. David Martin Conway said:

    I got to thinking about this over 10 years ago what I came to realise was in my case anyway is even in a rural town with a population of about 12000 was that about 100 people could drastically reduce wild life in the surrounding area in say six months some areas could literally cleared out of almost any thing edible my point is even if 90% of the local population died in a week there would still not be enough food for everyone

  2. Donald George said:

    You can hunt BUMS but they are gnarly, chewy, smelly and god knows what they carry.

  3. Nathan Paul said:

    Catch a few rats/mice keep em in a tank. Mice have babies about every 60 days. Feed them stale food. Mmmm delicious rat on a stick.