How to Get a Full Year’s Supply of Firewood for Less Than $20!

Every prepper needs to know how they can get a whole year's worth of firewood for under twenty dollars!

As preppers, we all want to save as much money as possible especially when it is for prepping supplies. If we save money when prepping then we will have extra money left for additional supplies.

One of the items that we will all need at some point when a collapse occurs is firewood. This is because the power might be out for days, weeks or months. It's important to have a way to stay warm and to cook food. It can be difficult to get as much firewood as you can for the least amount of money.

That is unless you know the tricks to stockpiling enough firewood for an entire year. If you are able to do this, you will be better prepared for any situation.

To find out how you can get an entire year's supply of firewood for under twenty dollars, please head on over to the next page.

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  1. Rickey Don said:

    Ummm, cut down a tree and cut your own wood? I know, I know, it’s work. But some of us still do that stuff. ….

  2. Jake Fulkerson said:

    Misleading!! yeah $20 for permit,20$ chainsaw gas, 20$ for gas for truck,10$ chainsaw oil. $70 dollars for the first trip up the mountain!!

  3. Thomas Whitten said:

    Cut down your own tree. That’ll do it. Of coarse they don’t show it split which a whole different thing. Try to split that wood with a splitting maul….go ahead. And give a year to season or else it won’t burn.

  4. Thomas Whitten said:

    Don’t need a permit where I am. A chainsaw cost anywhere from $100 to $900. So you’re right there…with the expense of it. I think the idea here was the sustainability of cutting wood for heating and cooking. If you’re really off the grid, propane and gas will not be around.

  5. Greg Lucas said:

    Go find a sawmill they’ll give you all kinds of wood but it will cost more than twenty to haul it

  6. Daniel Fischer said:

    Lol misleading only to morons. I was hoping a crybaby would come out to play.

  7. Evan Nicholson said:

    Or just go on Craigslist and haul out all the free fire wood you can…. and it’s free with working

  8. Michael Baumer said:

    You need; chainsaw, truck, wood to cut and the insurance…nothing cheap there….

  9. John Williams said:

    10$ a cord? Up here it’s 250 a cord delivered- we go thru about 6 cords a winter, but I cut my own and burn slab wood from my saw mill