How to Find a Durable Survival Rifle Under $100

Mosin Nagant gun

Survival weapons, particularly firearms, can be the priciest part of any survival kit, cache, system or bug-out system.

They are expensive but without them, you put yourself at an extreme disadvantage.

This is particularly true if you are facing a wilderness survival situation where hunting is a necessity, an urban situation with civil unrest or a long-term survival situation where you eventually will run out of your food supplies.

You can make an argument that without a firearm in each of those three scenarios, your safety and health are directly affected, depending on what you do or do not have!

Luckily, even if you can only afford the bare bones when it comes to firearms, you do have options.

On the next page, we discuss one option for an inexpensive, durable and very effective firearm: The Mosin Nagant Rifle.

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  1. Cliff Caro said:

    Surplus junk rifle, corrosive ammo, difficult bolt operation. Heavy, awkward, long. The only thing it Has going for it was being cheap

  2. Billy Twowolf Hall said:

    I just bought a savage 110 in 3006 for 150
    Its strong easy to load for it dont care what you feed it
    And ill never miss the 150

  3. Ron L Bush said:

    Idk…. mosins are great, but in our neck of the woods you can’t touch one for under 200 anywhere. Carcanos are often overlooked as an option. Good basic rifle and a lot cheaper than a mosin

  4. Daniel Mullins said:

    GOOD LUCK FINDING A DURABLE SURVIVAL RIFLE UNDER $100 even the Mosin Nagant is over $200 now!

  5. Loren Hodges said:

    Randy we also have our Precision Long Range Rifle also.
    Here’s the absolute Golden Rule if SHTF and you need to bug out get there as fast as possible & here is the key, you don’t go looking for conflict at all that’s why you stay where your at and keep outing at the least possible.

  6. Scott Paddock said:

    I paid $43.10 for my Model 44(folding bayonet carbine) in 1999 on Black Friday. God, I miss those days, when mil surp rifles were actually affordable. And surplus ammo was everywhere for cheap too. I bought spam cans for $30 each back in the day……

  7. Shane Lee said:

    Wish I was into it back in them days when you could get an sks for under 100 bucks

  8. Edward Ryan Agee said:

    I paid $200 for my Nagant and it didn’t come with all that just the bayonet, got it at Cabella’s.

  9. Quentin John Saville said:

    Good points. I’d prefer an SMLE in .303 but that is a personal preference. Good round, good rifle. One caveat, if purchasing ex military ammo be aware that the primers are corrosive! you HAVE to clean this rifle after shooting it. ok you can leave it till you get back to base but clean it that day. Soviet/Russian/Chinese ammo had mercury fulminate ( I think it was mercury fulminate) primers. these leave residues in the barrel that absorb moisture and are composed of chemicals that will quickly damage your barrel.

  10. Quentin John Saville said:

    Almost any ww1 to ww2 bolt action rifle will serve as a worthwhile survival rifle. They were all made to be rugged and reliable with good battlefield accuracy. They’ll all shoot well enough however do not skimp on the usual second hand gun buying rules. Note : the Mk 6 SMLE .303 ,the Jungle Carbine, has a rep for not holding zero in its original configuration. Also, as with any short barreled rifle calibre you lose some muzzle velocity. while increasing blast. I can’t wrap my mind around a 16 inch barreled .308 for instance. You andt something that short get a ,44 mag carbine os similar, a .30.30 for instance. even with the .30.30 you’ll lose velocity with a 16 inch barrel. consider barrel length asopposed to cartridge when buying a rifle, why throw unburned powder out the muzzle?

  11. Seamus Manley said:

    I got myself a Type 53 (Chinese clone of the m44 misinformed carbine) that 7.62x54r will knock down a grizzly nbd, and its nice to have a bayonet just in case

  12. Joshua Julian said:

    Talk about outdated! Mosin’s are $160+ and the 880 spam can, which is hard to find now since bambam stopped imports, are $250+ when you can find them! Thanks to gov regs and the war on guns, you can’t find deals like this anymore!

  13. Bryan Waters said:

    You can find a $100 mosin if you time travel back to 2005. Now they are $200 minimum if you’re lucky.

  14. Lori Trujillo Fields said:

    Yes very affordable. Great gun. I have two Mosin Nagant. They have risen in price close to $150, but that is still a bargain.

  15. Jason Greg Prater said:

    Mosins are great but north of $200 now. If the import ban gets lifted they might drop in price. I think the M44 version in particular is a great rifle.