How to Filter and Purify Water Correctly for Camping and Living Off the Grid

water filtering

Having access to clean drinking water is a universal subject of interest all over the world. In the case of your own personal survival, it's important to know all of the various methods at your disposal for cleaning your water to the point in which it's safe to drink.

This is important information because a lot can go wrong in our attempts to rectify poor water conditions with a plethora of concocted attempts at cleaning it.

Bacteria can linger afterward, viruses can go unimpeded, and energy and fuel can be wasted trying to purify water when there are better alternatives.

Knowing these options could one day keep you alive, so it's in your best interest to seek to learn as much as possible as soon as you can.

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  1. James Pallasch said:

    Very informative. Water borne threats can cause grave sickness and even death. In a survival situation, take every precaution available to insure your safety.