How to Decide Which Transportation is Best in the Event of an EMP

black hummer


We have talked about electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) before and the dangers we face because of them. Cars, airplanes, pretty much anything with wheels, with the exception of bicycles, will become obsolete. That is, of course, unless someone comes up with a treatment or solution to the EMP dilemma!

Meanwhile, you will need some form of transportation. Indeed, if you have a horse that works and you can also walk, using your own old fashion man-power. If you are physically fit and like to walk you are in a great place.

Yet, think about your family, small children. How far can they go before becoming tuckered out? There has got to be a way, right?

You will want transportation in some manner and one clever prepper on the next page may have the answer! Hint: solar panels are not just for the house or yard anymore!

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