How to Decide Which Survival Skills to Focus on First

woman in the wilderness

It is a big wide world out there and when we think about prepping and surviving it can get really mind boggling! Many of us think we know what we’re doing but recognizing that anything can happen at any given moment…

Well, that can be truly overwhelming! What if we are concentrating too much on one thing when we should have been focusing on something entirely different?

And what about all this stuff we have collected? In the end, will it really make a difference? Trust us, we are as into all the new-fangled gadgets out there as you are. They’re not just fun but many really can be useful during a dire situation! Yet, what if the occurrence you thought was going to happen transpired in a totally different way? Wow, if this is the case we may feel foolish!

The point is, we really need to buckle down and think about which survival skills we need to focus on first. We also need to ask ourselves what the most likely scenario for a collapse or any major disaster may be.

On the next page, we will give you some interesting tips and ideas, things we feel you should probably think harder about than where your mind is taking you. Go on over and check it out!

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