How to Crack a Padlock Combination Without a Code

open lock without code

When we were kids we would often pretend to be one of those super elite “cat burglar” fellows in old movies. Those were the ones who could go up to a lock or safe, quietly listen to the tumblers, brush the lock with their sand-papered fingertips, and crack open said lock or safe without developing a sweat!

Most of the time what they were doing was illegal but they really looked cool while doing it!

These days, especially if you have lived in a home or area long enough, you may find yourself with a collection of old padlocks. There is a combination in there somewhere but no one, except your now passed grandfather, knows the combination! You could just throw the thing away and buy another but why?

Honestly, there is an easy way to crack that padlock combination and all you have to do is go over to the next page and read up on the process. What have you got to lose except the expense of buying something you do not need? Check it out!

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  1. Marc Medina said:

    They(brothers) never had a problem getting into our lockers on ship. And then the Corps didn’t do$#%&!@*about it.