How to Build the Ideal Travel Bug Out Bag to Ensure Your Safety While Out on the Road

car travel bag

It's easy to think that when on vacation nothing bad can happen to you. But history has taught us that this is a horrible state of mind to fall into. Cruise Ships sink, planes go down, and local economies and governments collapse.

In the case of the latter emergency, when a government collapses when you're there (not sure why you were vacationing there in the first place, but it happens) then your passport may no longer be valid, and you're essentially stranded until miles and miles of red tape eventually get sorted out.

Natural disasters can occur as well, and will likely account for the bulk of your bug out bag use, much like they would at home.

While many people may balk at the idea of having to pack an additional bag in their luggage for essentially bugging out, the reality is that it will only be a hassle until you need it, and the peace of mind of having it is well worth this hassle.

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