How to Build an Igloo During the Winter to Stay Warm

building an igloo

Get ready for another cold weather shelter tutorial, which in this case, is how to build an igloo.

Most of us associate igloos with the Inuit people, but the reality is igloos in various iterations have been used throughout Canada and Greenland.

The concept behind an igloo is that snow traps air that serves as an insulator and quickly warms. External temperatures might be sub-zero, and body heat alone can warm a reasonably sized igloo by over 30 degrees.

Combined with winter clothing, even in sub-zero weather, that is enough to keep the person (or persons) inside warm enough to stay alive throughout the night.

If the weather is in between 10 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit, those same people would be almost hot!

To see a step by step video on how to construct a one person igloo, check out the next page.

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