How to Build an Affordable First Aid Kit

first aid kit

In everyday life or when facing a survival situation or SHTF moment, having an adequate first aid kit is extremely important to your well-being.

In a survival situation, cuts, scrapes and abrasions are almost “part of the territory” and being able to treat them so they do not become infected is paramount.

An infection can lead to many complications, including getting it in your bloodstream if the wound is serious enough and that can lead to fever, disorientation and even death.

Like most things, however, having a fully stocked first aid kit costs money; it's possible if you are trying to foresee every conceivable medical emergency that you could spend thousands on jut one kit.

For most of us, though, focusing on the necessities is not only the practical approach, it is the most cost effective.

To see how to put together a first aid kit that's affordable, check out the video on the next page. 

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