[VIDEO] How To Build A Long Term Survival Shelter

Most survivalists understand the importance of shelter in a survival situation.

Depending on the environmental elements you are facing, survival can be a question of minutes to hours, so being able to build a temporary shelter quickly is paramount to you making it through whatever you face.

What, though, do you do if you are faced with more than a short-term survival situation?

What if your best prospect is having to spend days in the woods or longer?

In that case, you have to know how to build a safe, secure and durable longer-term survival shelter.

Because you never really know how long your survival situation will last, every survivalist needs to know how to build at least one type of long-term survival shelter – and they need to know how to do it before they hit the crisis environment.

The video on the next page shows you how to build one form of long-term survival shelter.


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