How Charcoal Can Help Your Gut Avoid Serious Food Poisoning Consequences


Charcoal: This Detoxifying Resource Can Bind And Banish Harmful Chemicals… Which Is Exactly What You Need During SHTF And Your Stomach Is Giving You Troubles. Find Out How To Properly Use It HERE:

When you find yourself living off of the land, chances are at some point that you'll eat or drink something that will create an unpleasant chain reaction in your stomach. This food poisoning can lead to vomiting and nausea that will result in the loss of precious fluids. Not only that, but this can turn into a highly uncomfortable situation. Plus, it's likely that it'll have a drastic effect on your motivation, which means you'll have a lot less time during the day that could otherwise be spent foraging, gathering firewood, or fortifying your shelter.

When stricken with food poisoning, common experience states that pretty much the only thing you can do is hole up, stay hydrated, and ride out the symptoms. But what if you can alleviate the illness faster?

Charcoal has an amazing detoxifying effect, binding harmful chemicals to it as it travels through the digestive system.

Learn how to use this common resource to your advantage when battling poisoning symptoms on the next page.

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  1. James Delano said:

    I’m no doctor but I don’t think burnt wood is the same thing as activated charcoal.

  2. Jack B. Nimble said:

    I keep activated carbon bugout bag and in my kitchen cabinet. It will not only help absorb toxins from.your stomach, it is great for dogs too.
    My german shepard got parvo in.spite of having.his shots. I didnt gave $2000 to.go through the ling treatment so I ground fish filter carbon up, put it it water in a bottle and pouredit down his throat. Later that night he actually ate the pellets out if my.hand because tbey made him feel better. In a few dsys he was as good as new.
    Tbe parvo virus doesnt ki your dog. Dehydration from diarreah and vomiting does.
    After tbe carbon,he was able tohold fown water and food.
    I take good care of my.animals with their shots and checkups, but it hitme at a very bad time. He is still doing great after 8 months.

  3. Jack B. Nimble said:

    Same thing. Activated charcoal/carbon is just made in a controlled

  4. Alfred Orso said:

    My great grand mother lived n a reservation was told she had only months to live she started eating charcoal from their fire she died of old age 10’years later . When I was little if some one burned the toast they gave it to me I hadn’t heard other until I was in my 40es

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