How Bots Are Beginning to Take Over Our Campsites and Permits



It seems almost ironic that a people who are desperately trying to get back to nature have to rely on technology to get them a decent spot in a regulated camp area! Okay, we get it. As much as we hate to rely on our laptop or IPad we know it is what it is so let’s get on the site and get some of those much-prized camping site tickets!

Only, there is a problem. Even though the tickets went on sale only ten to twenty minutes before you started to tap in, all the space are gone! It’s crazy and unfair but you have just witnessed the efficiency of a bot! A bot is an application that quickly runs automated tasks over the Internet, including buying tickets for concerts, plays and – yes – campsites!

And the problem is – a bot can and will do it much-much faster than you or any other human being on the planet! Just think about scalpers, how they always manage to always come up with tickets to sell you at a crazy price, and we think you may get the idea!

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  1. Curtis Maxfield said:

    another job taken by bots, as it stands currently 45% of the jobs can be done by bots, tech is advancing exponentially rather than linear so this number will change, most people think linear progression and these things sneak up on them.