How a Person Can Completely Disappear Without a Trace

mystery man disappearing

It sounds like something out of a movie such as Mission: Impossible or one of the Jason Bourne films. For some reason you must leave and disappear, never to be seen or heard from again.

It sounds challenging; everyone usually knows at least a few people throughout their life. Plus, you'll need a new social security number, drivers license and what about your family? Think about them for a minute.

Also, what about your favorite uncle? Or Fido? Unfortunately, it may be challenging bringing along your dog. So think really carefully if you can leave him behind. It might be difficult!

If you have heavy attachments, you may have a hard time pulling something like this off and completely disappearing from the face of the earth.

However, if it's your mission to really want to get away and leave no trace that you ever existed, then learn how to do just that after the break. 

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  1. Shane Hastings said:

    But let’s be honest here…everybody that just liked, commented or shared this article, kinda just screwed themselves a little bit if they are planning this

  2. Garrett Brass said:

    he’s buried in the floor of the Metro Park Arena in Billings, MT lol

  3. Bill Fairweather said:

    Jimmy floats around the country in a brown cardboard box transported by UPS. If the feds start getting close, they send him to a new locality. Last I heard he was in St Paul, MN.

  4. Doug Las said:

    I read the first 3 pages and its nothing but bad television plots from 20 years ago. Nothing useful. No “how to”. I’m guessing the 13 year old who wrote it likes old shows? By the 3rd page and after gathering all of our id and pictures and getting rid of them, the suggestion was to leave the country. Sure, that’s easy enough to do with no paperwork and in a post 911 world 😉

  5. Joseph Chaney said:

    I’m sure the elite do it all the time after they kidnap children for “pizza parties”.

  6. Billy Twowolf Hall said:

    I own a security company
    And its a lot easier than most people think
    And if done right undetectable
    I know of people who actually did time in county jail under thete new id

  7. Ronald Boor said:

    Gotta get rid of them pesky credit cards first. Than smartphones gots to go.

  8. Brett Buen said:

    If you are leaving the country, why not rack up those cards buying supplies; bicycle, camp gear, food stores, weapons and ammo, etc…Then don’t worry about paying them if they can’t find you…hahahaha