How a Person Can Build Their Own Underground Bunker for Survival


We have discussed whether or not it is worth it to build an underground bunker as well as what materials you should (or should not) use.

To be sure, in some scenarios, if cost is not an issue, an underground bunker could come in handy, especially if the survival scenario you face is truly a catastrophe (nuclear blast, EMP, etc.)

If you decide you are going in the direction of building your own underground bunker, there are several factors you need to consider, both before and after you break ground.

The first, obviously is location – where do you want to build your underground bunker?

After that, however, there are as many factors to consider as there if you were building a house as opposed to a bunker.

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  1. Justin Braman said:

    Because dudes like you and me get all hot under the collar when we see things like blueprints. :-/

  2. Joshua Moore said:

    I have crude bunkers made all over my local mountain area i frequently visit. Its about 45min from the city. Probably 6 or 7 of them. One is fairly large