Honey – Nature’s Survival Antibiotic


Cuts and scrapes, if not severe wounds are almost an inevitability if you and your loved ones find yourself in a survival situation.

Since most survival incidents are natural in terms of origin, mangled wood, metal and other materials are common and that means lots of stuff to get yourself hung up on.

If your situation is the result of being lost or stranded in the wilderness or even if you are just navigating through a wilder place, trees, brush, and rocks provide ample opportunities for a person to run into the business end of one of those obstacles.

In either case, you likely will be using tools – hammers, saws, knives, axes, etc., which means even more opportunities to hurt yourself.

Unless you are prepared, however, treating these injuries can be a challenge.

Luckily, nature has given us honey, which has several bacteria and infection-fighting properties.

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  1. Justin Beauvais said:

    Honey is also a great preservative, almost never goes bad itself, and is a great source of calories. However, because of the bacteria that helps give it these properties (including ones that cause botulism) it should not be given to children under 1 yr of age. Otherwise, enjoy.