Homesteading 101 – What You Need to Know


Homesteading in one iteration or another is an option for many survivalists in an age where “modern living” seems to be a combination of massive vulnerabilities and complexity.

While most of us will not pack up our belongings and head out to the Alaskan wilderness anytime soon, many of us have increased our self-sufficiency level. And some are even pros of homesteading.

Even the US government encourages everyone to have enough stockpiled supplies to last up to a few weeks, just in case you need it.

To that end, many have started to grow their own, moving to “off-grid” alternatives for water and power and setting themselves up for a prolonged period of not being able to rely on traditional means during a survival situation or SHTF moment.

With that, however, comes an immense learning process; the video on the next page will show you what to do and what to avoid to start the process to self-sufficiency without burning yourself out.

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