Here’s Some Much Needed Insight on Which Survival Knives You Can’t Live Without

survival knives

There Are So Many Knives, Which Begs The Question As To Which One Is Suitable For You. Here Are Some Knives You Can't Live Without Based On What Makes A Knife Dependable…

Which knife is best for survival use? Good question. Is it for carving, skinning, chopping wood, making tools, fire starting or digging?

As they say, “the best survival knife is the knife that's on you.” This means when you are choosing your knife; you want it to be the highest quality tool possible. You depend on this for survival, after all.

No knife is universally good for everything, which is why there are so many different choices of blades available. Unfortunately, knives are heavy; they will be one of the heaviest things you can pack. This means you won't want to bring multiple knives, particularly in a bug out bag, since saving weight is essential. Which begs the question: which knife should you pack in your survival gear when you can only bring one?

Let's take a look at a rundown of the blades on the next page that are made particularly for survival situations. Learn what considerations you should make for this critical decision.

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  1. Brandon Kenney said:

    Why do you hate these post? Some of its pretty cool.some I’m not sure of.

  2. Jeff Speers said:

    Nice selection of knives u real just need 2 a Mora of your choice and believe it or not a old hickory butcher knife just saying but hey spend all the money you want

  3. Josh Strickland said:

    Gosh this was painful to watch, nothing here but reading the back of the box. “This heres a 6 in knife, full tang, full tang, full,tang” ” this here’s a pocket knife its not as big as my big knife” holy cow I couldnt even finish the video…

  4. Victor Unkow said:

    First you need survival skills, second you need to keep physically fit, third you need just a basic strong and not to long sturdy knife-like a military K-Bar- not fancy, all purpose strong knife. lastly- be always practical and get off the fancy over lone wolf macho Bullshit. The knives advertised are made for night time fantasy Ninja dreams bed time macho survivalist need to make them sleep happy. LOL

  5. Anthony Gaither said:

    gurka knife ,,high carbon blade great for bushcraft and defence. serves multy puposes and works for me.

  6. Rusty Gray said:

    Why can’t people start their video with , HI my name is Bob, Dave, Tim, Steve etc. All of this ridiculous BlackknightScoutninja867654m, just makes you look like a dungeons and dragons nerd. How about saying, hey, Dave here, I was in the military and trained in blah blah or I have been hiking 25 years and found this knife to work for me. The youtube names have gotten out of control ridiculous.

  7. Bobby Pepper said:

    They’re all useful, and better than nothing. Try it without any knife. You’ll be glad to find a sharp stone!