Here’s How a Person Can Find Their Way Using the Sun and Stars


If you have fears of getting lost out in the wilderness without a compass or a GPS system, there are ways to find your way back home.

Much like true survivors of the past, these techniques use the stars, moon, and sun to guide you home.

Today you'll learn all about use the heavens to get a sense of time and direction. Now you'll always know whether you're headed South, North, East or West.

You can even try this if you're not lost, just to see if you can get the hang of it. If you're serious about survival, then you should seriously learn all you can about these techniques.

Find out how you can use the sun and stars to guide you home on the next page.

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  1. Damian Evans said:

    It’s got me beat how people get lost out there you wud think they know about it people are so dumb arses lol

  2. Jason Rector said:

    Check out AlfieAesthetic on YouTube. Dude is awesome and has a bunch of navigation vids.

  3. George Parsons said:

    interesting, but i think i would prefer to shelter in place at night and move during the day. i have been bad lost once, it wasnt fun. that being said right after i was found and got home i bought a compass and learned to use it. since then i learned the sunrise east sunset west thing. trouble is you have to know which way is actually out.

  4. Geri Scherl Harp said:

    If you are being hunted it would behoove you to run at night, george. Just a thoyght,brother.BH