Here’s Everything You Should Know About Lighter Fuel and Zippos

man holding zippo lighter

Zippos date back to before WWII and these well-known lighters are still popular today despite the competition that they get from inexpensive disposable lighters that you can purchase at your local gas station.

They may still be around because Hollywood has marketed Zippo lighters in films for years. They always seem to have an action hero take out a Zippo from his pocket and then heroically toss it onto some gasoline before walking away into the sunset. Oh, and let's not forget about the grand explosion!

You may or may not know that due to the growing number of Zippo consumers, this survival supply is becoming more in demand. The reason why? Preppers are beginning to under that quality is much better than quantity. Preppers are now more interested in Zippos before they can burn a variety of fuels, which is ideal when you're bugging out.

On the next page, check out some interesting facts about Zippos and the range of fuels they can burn. As you uncover all that you need to know about Zippos, you'll soon realize why they've become such an asset to preppers today.

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  1. Shane Ashe said:

    Omg!!! You mean Zippo lighter fuel can melt steel beams?? Wtf?

  2. Bradley Whiting said:

    Here’s everything you should know about Zippo lighters and survival. Buy a BIC lighter and use that.

  3. Tom French said:

    Have my dads from the time he was in the Service 1951 Camp Chaffee

  4. Joe Fields said:

    I have 3 and a bottle of fuel in each vehicle and 1 in the house. Not to mention flints.

  5. William Baker said:

    When dirt biking I would unhook the fuel line and refill mime. Worked great but the oil in the gas did gunk up the wick after a while.