Here’s a Solemn Confession From a Rookie Off Grid Homesteader

homesteader winching-trees

There are very few people who have gone into homesteading that have not had to adjust.

You may have the best roadmap and ideas in the world but, eventually, a few things will have to be re-thought. It is not because you are a bad homesteader or prepper but because “life happens.”

While we want to live debt free, in a building we’ve built ourselves, it takes time and – yes – cash to get it started. In the case of Alyssa Craft, she had a lot on her plate, including an on-line business!

Her intentions were great. She and her family had their guideline and planned to stick with it, but the preparation got the better of them. Homesteading is rewarding but can really be a tiring business!

After the break check out her story but also know ahead of time that she has not given up on her dream!

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  1. Mark Greer said:

    Most People like the idea but will not put the necessary work in.

  2. Bill Jaggers said:

    I live in an off grid area in Montana. The hardest thing your first year is to have everything ready for when your first winter arrives. This takes precedence over everything. If you live in a cold area, you will probably freeze if you’re not ready for it. If you’re starting from scratch, it will probably take 2 to 5 years to get it together. And if you are relying on help for your projects, don’t plan on your help or workers to show up when they say they will. You’re off the grid and hard to get to. Live with it, but also plan for it!