Here are the Guns a Survivalist Will Need When All Hell Breaks Loose During SHTF

shooting a gun during the winter

Looking to defend yourself from the chaos that's likely to erupt soon in the “Free World?” Whether you're planning a bug out or choosing to stay in if things get crazy, chances are you're going to want to have a weapon on hand to protect yourself from the crazies.

If you've never owned a firearm before, the whole world of rifles, handguns, and shotguns can seem a bit overwhelming. While it's far from cut and dry, there are several areas in which gun enthusiasts agree.

Just like any other tool, certain guns serve certain purposes, and knowing how to distinguish which weapon will best serve your needs is the key to making an educated decision.

For a starter course in great firearms, check out the recommended weapons on the next page.

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  1. Marlon Wood said:

    Idc what anyine says oit of all my guns not including hand gun i would take my ruger 10/22 anyday for little and big game and protection is needed be but i made my own bow so i would use the 22 in case of emergency

  2. Marc Black said:

    Also should look into silencers, no one wants to give their position away…

  3. Jack Blevins said:

    I have an AR, but if I gotta back out the bad guys, my Ak47 will make them take notice also. Nothing against AR’s, but my AK runs like a sewing machine,clean or dirty. No scope to bump off center, iron sights with no bells or whistles.

  4. Micah Haley said:

    12 Guage pump wiith a 3″ chamber. Most versatile, reliable and effective SHTF gun there is.

  5. Grimaldo Julio said:

    You need a gun for each need!!! Ruger 10/22 for small animals, Remington 700 30-06 for deer or wild hogs, AR, SKS, AK, etc… for your tactical rifle and a shotgun for bird or home defense, plus your side arm

  6. Dalton Salisbury said:

    Break action air rifles are seriously under rated. You can store 100 years worth of ammo (or make more with primitive tools) and spare parts in a relatively small space, are quiet enough to not give away your position, and effective enough to take small game. You could even use it on humans if you have a height advantage and a good escape route – most people aren’t going to stick around if you give them a decent wound from a hidden location. They will assume you *could* have used lethal force, and beat feet to safety.

  7. Alex Smith said:

    Everyone’s like you only need whichever rifle, or you only need to carry these seven rifles. My solution is both, my Thompson center dimension is essentially 10 rifles in one and can change caliber in nearly five minutes if you were ever in a total apocalypse situation where you had to scrounge ammo or use various rounds. Another plus, fits into a backpack, coupled with a sidearm and there is no reason you couldn’t defend yourself or put whatever food on the table.

  8. Scott Malone said:

    Lol been saying it for yrs. the 22lg is a winner but what does a vet know anyways

  9. Shane Lee said:

    Wow I have every one of those, personally I would grab my .45 1911 over my 9mm

  10. Marc Black said:

    Marlon Wood agreed, because WTSHTF, the government won’t let you hear them coming at you.

  11. Thomas Wilkinson said:

    my .338 Lapua with Suppressor and reloading supplies and my cross bow and am good to go

  12. Hunter Roesler said:

    Don’t overlook a 1400 fps break barrel air rifle. .177 or .22 pellets. You can always get small game, squirrel or birds, etc. No one knows your even in the area hunting. And you can carry 1000 rounds in one pocket.

  13. Ron Bonneau said:

    Air rifle, 1 shoot 1 kill on small animals. Yes, very quiet and can carry thousands of pellets on your person. Then a good 9mm on your side for defense or whatever gets in your way.

  14. Dwaine Flener said:

    Have to agree on the shotgun and 22 rifle. The 9mm pistol is good. But the 22 pistol is just as or more concealed. Also in combination with 22 rifle. Only one type of ammo needed. Less confusing for the all of a sudden preper.

  15. Tim Phipps said:

    A proper Sling/ Sling Bow with practice can be a very useful item also.

  16. Jonathan Bentley said:

    Yes! My .177 break is super accurate and goes through squirrels. Took a large opossum down with it out by my chickens one night.

  17. David Maverick Milner said:

    I only need to add a Gamo to the regiment. Have .22 for small medium game, .40 and .380 for personal, 5.56 in both M193 and M855 for mid to long and a .270 for reaching out to touch someone one. The Citori and Fury can handle close quarter as well.

  18. Curtis Synard said:

    Center primers are best, you can tap out the dent in the primer after fried , use a pack of match heads and the striker on the side of the box, grin to a fine powder refill your primers, make ya gun powder, mold your tip of your round pew pew, works good for 12 ga rounds as well

  19. Jay Genske said:

    I would suspect any one you have ammo for and shoots somewhat accurately and safely… you may not have a choice

  20. EBT said:

    Thank you for your really great share.

  21. Yuben Yurkenohf said:

    Firearms for survival are like tools in the toolbox.
    You covered the basics that are universal and those are the ones to stick to .
    As for air rifles you can’t beat the Sheridan .

  22. Tom McKnight said:

    A single action 44 Magnum. Ammo availability, reloadable with a variety of load types, even can be loaded with black powder if needed. Simple operation and easy to maintain/clean. Oh yeah, high accuracy. I’d still take an Enfield over an AR15. 12 gauge is the ultimate utility gun though.