Hand Tools for Survival – What a Person Needs to Survive


For most of us, using hand tools is something we do if we have to, but not something we would ever choose as a “weapon of first choice.”

It takes a lot of work to use hand tools and why do that if power tools are readily available?

In a survival situation, though, hand tools could be all you have.

If the situation is dire enough, they might be all you have for weeks or even months.

That means unless you are only preparing a brief power outage, you had better have some basic hand tools and know how to use them.

As a rule, you should have a hand tool equivalent to anything you have that is powered by electricity or gas, but there are a few basics you must have at a minimum.

We cover those on the next page.

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  1. Walter Nagel said:

    You don’t need that old junk. I can recharge all my cordless tools with a solar panel.

  2. Chris Kennewell said:

    Yes, so can I, but I can do better work, faster with my old school tools.
    It’s all about practice. I use my cordless tools for work all day every day, but after hours I use my old stuff about once a fortnight. That’s enough to keep my hand in and it’s all worth it.