Government Charging a Couple for Having a 40 Year Old Pond


It's hard to say if anyone can really own anything these days all thanks to government overreach.  One couple in Oregon could be forced to destroy the small pond on their property.

Jon and Sabrina Carey purchased a 10-acre property adjacent to Butte Falls a few years ago and it came with a 2-acre pond but local government agencies say it belongs to them.

The whole debacle started when Jon applied for a medical marijuana license and was required to prove he had access to a reliable water source, but the local water master office then told them the pond was illegal. Jon and Sabrina are continuing their fight against the injustice.

The couple is willing to work with the water master and hope to get a permit that would allow the city to have access to the pond.

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  1. Matthew Scholp said:

    I would not give or allow government any access to my property. Give an inch, they want a mile. Too damn bad fight, any and ALL ways, learn their faces, where they live and shop since they know your address and are trying to steel what you purchased

  2. Shelly Dawn said:

    If water is life and the government owns all the water, what does that mean?

  3. Steven Brimhall said:

    The pond is older than the guy being charged…so why the f*@&/ is he being charged for it???

  4. Ivah Onstott said:

    Government has overstepped it’s bounds by miles. This needs to stop.

  5. Ronald Gerber said:

    Next time i get flood damage, the governemnt will pay for the damages as it hit the ground, destroyed something of mine, and it is their property.

  6. Darrell Robert Clevenger II said:

    Businessmen and wealthy farmers of the 1700s created the frame work and ever since big business is slowly maintaining or gaining more and more control using our “The Peoples” Government to do it. Follow the money.

  7. Jacob Roy said:

    I’m not believing anything this fake news page puts out. Many people have ponds over 40 years old, this is all a scam to get more followers.

  8. Cody York said:

    Im shocked no one said anything about the marijuana license govt taking his water resource to prevent him making another weed dispensary haha maybe low key they are trying to fight away weed rofl

  9. Bill N Jamie BillJamie said:

    So what is really going on is the guy that these people bought the house from never pulled permits or applied for water rights to build the pond. So when this guy tried to get his grow license the country and state had to go do an inspection and found this pond that was not put in legally. And before anyone tries to say I’m full of BS I live in Oregon and I know the water master for Jackson county.

  10. Jacob Roy said:

    Yeah but there is no good news source. Also this page had lied before. I know things like this do happen but I live in Oregon as well and we have had ponds for many years without the government charging us.

  11. John Paul Collins said:

    So what’s gonna happen to the guy? Will he have to drain and fill the pond back in? Legit question

  12. Bill N Jamie BillJamie said:

    Most likely, but Larry will try and work with him the best that he can. He may be able to keep the pond but he will have to get and pay for all of the permits and water right fees.

  13. John Paul Collins said:

    I feel bad for the guy. I hope he can afford it and I hope Larry will do his best and help the guy out to the best of his legal ability.

  14. Bill N Jamie BillJamie said:

    I feel bad for the guy too. As long as the guy is willing to work with Larry he will do what he can. This is the second one in Jackson county and the first guy refused to do anything and did 30 days in jail.

  15. Ron Koster said:

    No Jacob I to live in Oregon and it’s a true story. The state of Oregon will not allow anyone to even fill up 55 gal barrels of rain water. They are also taxing your wells on your land. Because the state owns the water