Going Off Grid – Is it Right for You?

going off grid

The decision to become more attuned to a potential survival situation and to prepare for it is a big one.

Even bigger is the decision to become as self-sufficient as possible. Larger than that is the decision to go off grid and bring self-sufficiency to an entirely new level.

While the first requires a different way of looking at things and the second requires multiple lifestyle changes, the latter requires a sea-change in thinking, preparation and lifestyle.

It is literally the trifecta in survival thinking and acting.

For example, things like guaranteed water, sewage, snow clearing, food, even electricity become things you have to think about daily and prepare for as opposed to taking them for granted.

For most of us adapting to handle one of those realities would be a challenge – but imagine all them at once, permanently.

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  1. Bobby MacCallum said:

    Going off the grid is the only way for me just can’t happen soon enough!!!!!!

  2. Mike Kerwin said:

    Oh hell yes it’s right for me but my wife and kids would kill me !! Lmao

  3. Melissa Martinez said:

    here I go??
    wait that’s where I am!!
    can’t be slutty when no one’s around!! lol

  4. Frànk Luçia said:

    I would absolutely wish I had something like that never happen pretty much just a dream oh well

  5. James Allen said:

    Well the way I figure it it’s not if we all want to or not , but if this country doesn’t make a change in the direction it’s headed it’s going to come down to who has prepared for it and who has not , I know what group I will fall in

  6. Philip Macrae said:

    10 acres and a little cabin, oh hell yeah i would do it. But getting a little long in the tooth now.