Fishing Techniques That’ll Keep You Alive When All Hell Breaks Loose

fish wall trap

The art of surviving is different to some people than it is to others. Some will try to keep fairness in mind as they struggle to survive on a meager diet of berries and grubs. They will only try to take what they need, even if the act of doing so means that they fail to actually achieve their goals.

Then there are others who will do absolutely anything it takes to feed themselves, to keep themselves warm, to bring down any threat that comes their way. Guess which ones are more likely to survive.

While it's difficult to cheat and bring in more than you need when survival hunting, fishing is a different story. Fish are the ultimate survival food, rich in fat and protein and extremely numerous.

For the person with nothing but survival on the mind, bringing in as much of this resource as possible is key, even if it breaks natural resource laws in the process.

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