First Aid Essentials: Making Sure Everything is There When it’s Needed


Have you ever had that moment when you cut your finger and need it bandaged badly… and you simply cannot find the Band-Aid box? If you put it in the same place every time you use it there should be no doubt where the Band-Aids can be found – unless you have small children but that is another story.

The same can be said for so many of our problem finds today. We know we should place things where we can find them but somehow our organizational skills get a little out of control and these items are all over the house and in need finding.

When it comes to first aid supplies you should always keep them in the same place and keep a good list of things you will need, not just for everyday use but – of course – when the SHTF!

The last thing you want to do is run out of Antiseptic and aspirin and then have to run to an already over-taxed drug store.

Over on the next page, we will give you a short list of items you should and will need in your first aid kit. Some are obvious but others may surprise you. Go take a look!

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