FEMA Markings and Why They are Important to Know and Understand

FEMA markings

If you have ever been in a large scale disaster area – say after a hurricane or tornado – you undoubtedly have seen markings on the front access point of buildings.

Those are codes for FEMA searchers and they tell a lot about the state of the building, what might or might not be in there and whether it is safe to enter them.

In a disaster area, particularly if it has resulted in a system-wide catastrophe, your only option might be to forage for survival items and that may mean entering abandoned buildings in disrepair.

While the wise advice is to stay out, if the situation is dire enough, you may not have any choice.

Knowing these symbols and what they stand for not only will make your search easier, it may keep you out of trouble!

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  1. Theresa Smith said:

    too much clicking and too many ads……might have been a good thing to see but its buried in clickbait

  2. Sopea Sem said:

    It just tells cleanup crews if there are bodies or not in the houses so they can expedite search and rescue!

  3. Garet Syp said:

    Lol if anything ever happens, I’m staying the$#%&!@*away from FEMA camps

  4. Carlos Quintero said:

    Never comply with FEMA, be prepared and armed.
    Be self reliant and keep a small group of close friends and family. Safety in numbers

  5. Bryan Pippin said:

    FEMA is there to help, take assistance, BUT NEVER become reliant.

    And those symbols won’t help you “find your way.” They’ll just tell you what house is full of dead body stink and what hazard might kill you

  6. Trent Balzer said:

    Stop the CLICK BAIT B.S., so people can learn valuable information DIE HARD!

  7. Andrew Ludwig said:

    So once you know what direction there are you can go the opposite”..

  8. Debbie Spear said:

    Being from South Florida, and having lived through several Hurricanes over the years, I know for a fact it is very important to have these markings on your home.

  9. Chris Penrose said:

    Id call it vandalism. Government has no business going on my property and getting into my stuff and spay painting graffiti. Fima sole purpose is gun confiscation. Not “helping people”.

  10. Justin Melton said:

    I am actually FEMA trained to read these. Lol FEMA has free classes on all kinds of stuff open to the public

  11. Joe Dlabik said:

    Tangaroa Thompson it’s your unit initials so like a signature of which team searched

  12. Steven Hyde said:

    Why do you have to start a diatribe when you could just tell us what the markings mean???
    I’ve deleted this!

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  14. Scott Mayberry said:

    Everyone should learn this… it could save your families life one day…!!!!!!!!!!!!!