Everything You Need to Know About Zippos and Lighter Fuel

zippos lighter

Zippos have been around since before WWII, and these iconic lighters have survived to this day despite the constant competition from cheap disposable lighters available at gas station checkouts.

Perhaps it is due to Hollywood marketing that always has Zippo lighters in action movies in which the hero casually pulls his trusty Zippo from his pocket and then tosses it onto the trail of gasoline before turning and walking away with a spectacular explosion igniting behind him.

However, for a growing number of consumers Zippos are becoming more and more popular, as people begin to realize that quality is always better than quantity. With the prepper crowd, Zippos are starting to be looked upon with more interest simply because they can burn a wide variety of fuels.

To learn more about Zippos and the range of fuels they can burn, go to the next page and check out some need-to-know information on the subject.

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  1. Andrew Jones said:

    Olim not sure if I misunderstood, but charcoal lighter fluid has worked in my zippo just fine.

  2. Macom Cline said:

    You can also just use the wheel/flint to create sparks and ignite something like a cotton ball if you run out of lighter fluid. Then use the cotton ball to catch fire to bigger fuel such as grass or leaves. ALWAYS carry a few extra flints in the fuel compartment of the zippo underneath the 1st layer of wadding.

  3. Brian Ocker said:

    Never have had one run out of fuel. But I top mine off every morning. Great for any outdoorsman. Fires, light and wind proof.

  4. Michael Thomas Holman said:

    A great idea to help conserve your fuel and protect from evaporation is to buy a can of the camel snus pouches. It comes in air tight can to preserve tobacco freshness and it is perfect size for zippo. You store your zippo in that and it prevents the evaporation of your fuel.

  5. Jonathan Gangi said:

    I keep mine saturated and in a leather case for leakage precaution. Refillable butane lighters are very dependable

  6. Al Spies said:

    I have a zippo thats engraved with the guys name and year where he was stationed in Vietnam with his girlfriend’s name. …

  7. Zain Hill said:

    I’ve burnt a hell of a lot more than that in my zippo

  8. Chris Robling said:

    Any fuel that will actually make a refill actually last longer than they do??

  9. Nichol Ferguson said:

    Charcoal starter fluid… Both Ronsonol/Zippo fluid contain Naptha (Naphthol).
    Charcoal fluid is heavier (more oil, less refined) so lasts longer, but there’s a catch: takes several strikes to light up, so either stock up flints or blend 40℅ with 60℅ conventional Zippo fluid (works for me within 2 strikes) lasts longer and seems to preserve the wick also.

  10. Anonymous said:

    Carried one for 35 years and will not depend on any other. I take old bic lighters and remove the flints, store them under the cotton.

  11. Anonymous said:

    A zippo is the last lighter I would put in a bugout bag. A great alternative is the NuMyth Tohill. It won’t leak like a zippo

  12. Archie Mariner said:

    If you live in a dry climate at altitude, a Zippo goes dry in just a few days even if you don’t use it a all. At least the one I carried for a few weeks did. Now it sits in a drawer. Somewhere. Not really suitable for all locales, in my opinion.