Emergency Water Filtration: DIY

We drink water every day. Some could argue that we take it for granted – and they'd probably be correct. If you're home and you need a glass of water, you have options: refrigerator, store-bought filter, tap water – you're covered. If you're at work, there's probably a water cooler you can re-hydrate at. And if you're out and about, almost any market or gas station will be more than happy to sell you an overpriced bottle of water if you're willing to pay for it.

But what if you were camping with your friends or family and realized the person responsible for bringing the water supply forgot to pack it? Depending on the camping location, you might be able to convince them to drive to a nearby town. But if you were in a situation where this was not an option, or worse, if you're faced with an emergency and were stranded without clean and sanitized water, you could be in a very dangerous situation. Drinking unfiltered water can cause severe digestive problems, and trust us.. none of them are pleasant.

If you don't want to risk getting sick from waterborne pathogens found in water from the wilderness, head over to page 2 so you can learn how to properly filter your water source and how not to get sick in the process. 


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