Emergency Washing Machine For Under $10

Many people who have survived dire situations – natural and man made disasters, economic collapse, getting lost in the wilderness – will often comment that “creature comforts,” those little things you overlook ordinarily, play a huge role in keeping your spirits up.

One of those overlooked things is keeping your clothes clean.

A few days in the wild or in an emergency situation can render you and your clothes filthy, so being able to clean them quickly and easily is a huge and critical boost to morale.

Even if you do not have electricity, by following the instructions for this amazing hand-powered washing machine, you can ensure you are able to keep your clothes clean and you can do it for under $10.

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  1. William Sills said:

    The first thing to overflow in a flood here are the sewers.
    Those aren’t snickers bars floating down the street.

  2. William Sills said:

    These tumble washers are good for socks, shirts, skivies and sweats…..
    A bit small for jeans and sheets though.

  3. William Sills said:

    Before the electric iron some irons used hot coals that burned inside them.
    Damp cloths will soon rot.

  4. Victor Arroyo said:

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