Emergency Fishing Techniques Survivalists Need To Know

The next time you're on a wilderness adventure, you need to be prepared if you should ever get separated from your gear. Berries will sustain you for a minimal amount of time, but you need a more substantial meal.

In a survivalist situation, you need to know what to eat and learning the correct fishing techniques can provide you with a nutritious meal until you either locate your gear or walk to a local campground.

Fish can provide you up to 2-3 meals a day and it'll be a lot tastier than eating bugs. Even though there may be fishing laws in place where you are located if you're going to starve, fish will keep you alive.

Every survivalist should know how to catch and cook fish in a survival situation.

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  1. Tyler Jones said:

    A. Pack fishing equipment.
    B. Use illegal nets.
    C. Set multiple lines

    Haha. To sum it up…… if you need to catch fish in a survival situation. Utilize the fishing equipment you were suppose to bring.

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