Effective ‘Off Grid’ Home Remedies That Work When You Don’t Have Antibiotics

We love home remedies. We come from a family who, on our Mom’s side, lived in the hills of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. While we admit to not actually having lived in that environment ourselves, Mom taught us all about “home” cures like honey and lemon for coughs, and how certain backyard plants can be restoratives.

The art of being self reliant was introduced to us early on we've never regretted it.

However, we never thought of these cures for more than a simple affliction; headaches, colds and the occasional fever. Others, of course, are far more proactive, taking these home curatives for more serious illnesses and infections.

While we think this is terrific, especially when it works, we must press that a doctor is always you first line of defense when an illness takes a turn for the worse.

Read up on page 2 for details on which home remedies work when you don't have antibiotics to rely on.

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  1. William Sills said:

    I’ve had onion, garlic, vinegar and honey given to me more than once to help with breathing problems, colds and flu and it worked kinda good.