Eating for Survival – 5 Edible Plants that Grow Just About Anywhere!

dandelion weeds

In almost any type of a survival scenario, if it lasts long enough, finding food is a constant battle that works on a dangerous circular loop.

You need food and expend a lot of energy to find and eat it, which makes you hungrier, which makes you look for food and burn energy to find it.

Eventually, particularly if you do not know what you are doing, that loop leads to starvation.

That threat can be alleviated if you have some idea of the edible plants that exist virtually anywhere you go.

While they are not enough alone to sustain you, they can provide you with emergency nutrients and calories.

On the next page, we cover five fairly easily found plants that you can eat in an emergency.

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  1. Steven Lowe said:

    Dandylions make great salad greens, tea and makes killer wine!