Easy To Make Firewood Rack That Doesn’t Require Any Tools


This wood stacking system is so easy that virtually anyone can do it.

The only tooling needed is to purchase pre-cut wood or have it cut where you buy it – after that, the only tools you will need are your hands and muscles.

The materials you will need are 2 or 3 concrete blocks, 2 landscape timbers and 2 2×4's – 8 or 10 feet in length, cut in half.

Lay out two concrete blocks for each end and one in the middle on a flat surface.

Lay the landscape timber lengthwise on the edges of the concrete blocks.

Situate the 2×4's in the holes in the concrete blocks at the end.

You can also fill the holes with dirt to prevent pooling of water or rocks to help drain the holes.

Start stacking, laying your pieces of wood across the two landscape timbers and building up to the top of the 2×4's.

One tip: You may want to start your wood row in the center and work your way out to build strength to hold the ends in place.

You will find this method to be very strong, stable and durable; if you have a lot of wood you can make multiple rows and because the wood is elevated, you do not have to worry about bottom pieces rotting from exposure if you have to leave them for a time.

This method is quick to build and very easy as very inexpensive and is a perfect method for just about any amount of wood.