Duct Tape: The Perfect Survival Tool?

using duct tape

Ask anyone who has done home projects and they will tell you: Duct tape can be a life saver.

I have even used duct tape to serve as a temporary bandage when I cut myself on a job; it was not perfect or pretty, but it got the job done until I could get proper medical treatment.

The very first duct tape was used to bind cables in the early 1900's. An iteration of duct tape was used in medical procedures in the 1920's.

Duct tape as we know it was first manufactured during World War II although it bears little resemblance to the multi-colored, multi-fabric stuff we use today.

The fact is duct tape is a vital tool for anyone needing a quick, strong and reliable bond between two components.

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  1. Robert Aubin Jr. said:

    Where I work they had a sale on gorilla tape. Regular $8.69 on sale for $6.99. Plus my 20% discount. Oh hell. I bought two rolls.