Do Buried Shipping Containers Work Well as Bunkers? NO, and Here is Why!

We understand. Initially, it does seem like a really good idea. Let’s take an item used for a different purpose and make it into something we will want and need should a chaos situation ever show itself!

Preppers are all for the idea of multi-purposing tools and ordinary everyday devices for other extraordinary functions.

However, you may want to think twice or even three times over about turning a shipping container into a bunker for you and the family.

It is not as stable as you may think, is not designed well for bunker purposes, and there are additional serious issues that should be addressed before turning it into your SHTF home!

After the break, go over to the next page and read up on why we think you should reconsider – or prepare yourself for a lot of work – if a shipping container is what you will or have chosen for a bunker.

Honestly, we're not overly skeptical. There are things you need to know!

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  1. Grant Irvin said:

    Spent 2 pages saying what could’ve been summed up in maybe a paragraph

  2. Daniel Fowle said:

    Had one buried for some time now. Granted it’s been coated, caged and has gabion walls and roof before we buried it. Two exits, ventilation and power. Used it as a storm cellar once but mainly it’s storage for canning.

  3. Kevin Furrow said:

    I have seen where people are making houses out of them ,But if nothing else they would make Great walls

  4. Earl N Dawny Downing said:

    Had a 20 foot container buried for 14 years that we used for a tornado shelter. It was like a mini apartment. Electricity, beds, tv, vcr, stored dry goods for food. The key is ventilation. Keep it well ventilated and dry and you will have no problems. ( we live in Wisconsin) When we put the property up for sale we pulled it out of the ground because of liability reasons. It was perfectly intact!! New owner ended up being a prepper and wished we would have left it buried for him.

  5. Rodney Packard said:

    If you just see it as it is your ok. Its a steel box. You can reinforce it as you want or need. So if you have common sense it’s no danger to anyone.

  6. Ardeth Yvonne Bannon said:

    i wish i could read articles that were all on one page, not having to click through 10 pages worth of adds…

  7. Tim Hayhurst said:

    I know a few people who buried rail road box cars with good results.

  8. Jeff Ybarra said:

    Apparently the person that wrote this assumed prepers are stupid.

  9. James Allen said:

    Ive done a little resurch on using them, and those that have built several of them says the best way is to tun them upside down since the floor is designed to hold the wight of what you put in the container, you will need to seal it by welding steel across the complete floor and sealing it witch only makes it stronger yet, I looked at adding a seel beam down the outside of the sides to strengthen it also , the one Ive seen the guy drove a semi truck on it ,

  10. Marshal Thaghost said:

    You build a 1 ft rebar reinforced shell of concrete around it then bury it. Works great. Just make sure you mold in the vent shaft and conceal it in some manor.